Best fighting movies of all time

best fighting movies of all time

View all 5 replies The Raid has to be on any best fight list, Ong-Bak should be on there, IpMan, and I. But how to separate the big hitters from the dull slugger? Well, we've watched all the movies *, and chosen the 50 best fight scenes of all time. The best movies with amazing fight scenes!! I am a This time he is fighting in the first ever inter-prison tournament with one knee. (96 mins.). Bullet Tooth Tony Brad Pitt Kim, a taekwondo proponent and motivational speaker who really seemed to believe that his film about positivity, music and severed limbs would help clean up the streets. The format of the scene actually brings the audience out of the film slightly, making us aware of the cameraman following Jaa, which only gives us a greater appreciation for the stunt work and movie magic involved. Suddenly, the ordinary working man became the mythic athlete. Tai Chi Master Year: Not really a "fight movie" persay but, "I'm just here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, I'm all out of bubble gum". Sorta surprised I didn't see Redbelt, it would've seemed to be an obvious choice considering the subject matter.

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Gelatinous skull spirits and metal wing capes and weird asteroids where wiggly souls are reborn: When the ruse is revealed, Chang must join up with a traveling circus troupe and its Wing Chun-employing leader to learn true kung fu. Like many other Shaw Brothers films of the period, the production values are actually pretty high and the color photography really pops. There are tomes to be written and classes to be taught on the perplexing existence of Bloodsport , but perhaps the film is best summarized in one moment: I don't have any real complaints about the list. Shin'ichi Chiba , Etsuko Shiomi , Goichi Yamada , Fumio Watanabe. Unholy master of terror

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If the whole movie was like that, Drunken Master would be much higher on our list. Baja Miller Cam Gigandet I'm not sure of the series and really wasnt aware there was one. Mega Nano Dots PARTNER Man cannot work for hours on end without a breather. Michael Jai White , Julian Sands , Eamonn Walker , Dante Basco. McClane proceeds to resolve the situation with a handful of witty phrases and a healthy dose of gunpowder. I love when the ninjas show up and attack the camp at night by hurling both throwing stars and SACKS FULL OF SCORPIONS at their opponents. best fighting movies of all time

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Top 10 Movie Street Fights Director Andrzej Bartkowiak Cast Jet Li Anonymous - December 27, at Heroes of the East , aka Shaolin Challenges Ninja Year: This movie was, and still is a true masterpiece of Cinema! This list could not be complete without Jet Li's "Fist of Legend". Because, when Bruce was at the top of his game, the best way his opponent could hope to defeat him was through cunning. MAD you included Kill Bill. Yuri Boyka Mykel Shannon Jenkins You should gt this film. It was followed by four sequels and an unrelated movie called American Samurai from the same director because hey, why the hell not. Adrenaline burst since the action begins until end of the movie. Stephen Fung A 3D spectacle erfahrungen mit stargames to its fat nuts and bolts, Tai Chi Zero recognizes no bounds, no lines, and no walls preventing it from being anything—and everything—it wants to be. Jean-Claude Van DammeDonald GibbLeah AyresNorman Burton. Tags geek kung fu kung fu movies lists martial arts martial arts movies the movies. Fighter - January 28, at Toll Road Steve Austin


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